About Us

Being the lighthouse that guides others to safety and wellbeing

Welcome to addingtolife.com, it is great that you have taken the time to visit and explore this part of our online presence.

Online hasn’t been our focus in the past, although always having a site or two; we didn’t really become slick or experts in this area. Getting better though.

What we are really good at is helping and supporting people on the journey of achieving optimum wellness. This is a different destination for everyone and we can establish where you want to be and provide realistic advice, support and strategies to get you there.

In the past we have created an Organic Food Delivery business, a large multi modality health clinic and a consulting business to expand our ability to serve others on their journey.

Currently we are developing new resources and services that can reach out of our local area and help as many people as possible. Part of that is the digital publishing of Andrew Fenwick’s book ‘Better Choices for a Better Me’ which includes over 2 hours of video coaching support at no additional cost. For a hard copy go to OUR STORE

There are several new projects in the pipeline for us that will go even further in providing the components to make it even easier.

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