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Master Key Experience – Course Launch Starts in a Few Days!

These are exciting times!!

I can understand if you don’t know why just yet, however I intend to help you out there.

Once a year a very special scholarship programme opens up, where thousands of people from all around the world will have a small window of opportunity to apply to be part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Class.  To be a part of a unique personal development and success building process.  It’s reputation for helping people produce amazing results has spread quickly.

You actually can’t buy this course and there is a special reason why not.  Every participant has assigned to them their own Certified Guide to provide hands on support from the start to the finish of the 26 week journey, this limits the number of scholarships offered.  Wait until you hear how your scholarship is funded; it is an amazing thing.

There’s nothing like this out in the online training world, this isn’t just an auto responder spitting out the next subject and some quizzes; these are real guides, live webinars and real masterminding opportunities; real people helping people unlock their lives.

The spots are available for successful scholarship applicants only and the only upfront cost to apply is a $1 fee. Click on the link below to be put on my list for early notification of the launch, these scholarships are gone in just a few days after the launch starts on September the 10th 2015.

Follow the link to get advanced notice of the launch information

Advanced Notice of MKMMA Launch


My Story: I actually stumbled on the MKMMA while looking for specific business skills training in August 2014.  I followed the link to learn more and as a person who has always valued personal development as an ongoing life commitment, I was very impressed by what was on offer here.

Not only the content was of quality, but it was real.  There was real passionate people helping others go back to school for 26 weeks, back to school on themselves.  Learning how to unleash their life’s purpose and make it real.  It wasn’t just incredible value, it is cutting edge training that just keeps taking you to the next level. You’ve just gotta check it out.

It has changed my way of dealing with life, my mind is my friend and trusted ally.  My course for the future is not only clear, but achievable and exciting.  Things are unfolding daily to re-enforce this fact.

This launch isn’t a hype filled process with lots of up selling or extra hidden stuff.  Just a look at what is on offer, how it has helped others and how to apply. At no point are you locked into anything.  No risk, put simply.

Was it easy? No!! This is a process where you get to genuinely create positive change, that was never going to be easy.  To be honest I probably nearly quit 5 times over the 6 months, but quitting on myself and my drive to succeed in living out my purpose, became harder than completing the whole process. My inner world had taken charge, instead of the outer world’s pressures and the ‘easy’ path winning over, as it has in the past.  That is in itself a break through point, wouldn’t you agree.

This has to be worth a look if you are at all interested in more influence, more happiness, more success and living a purposeful passionate life.

Here for opt in for advanced launch info

Here is a video from the guy who created (along with a his fabulous wife and a great team) the Master Key Master Mind Alliance from a few years ago, it will give you a feel of how important the class might be for you and your friends to at least have a look at.

Enjoy the clips and I will get back to you with an email if you go here and opt in

He mentions these two videos as well, so here they are.

Advanced Notice of MKMMA Launch