Master Key Experience Opened Today!!

Hello and thank you for checking this out

Certainly there has been a buzz [really] the last few weeks in anticipation of the 2015-16 Master Key Mastermind Alliance and the “pay-it-forward” Scholarships…with over 15,000 blogs posts last year about this scholarshipped course, facebook and twitter is alive with comments; the buzz is real.

You’ll learn that massive action is a massive mistake.  You know, make all the promises of change in a powerful weekend event. Then BAM all sad about it all again in days.

Massive action a massive mistake?  Yup.  I know,I did it over and over until I found the Master Key and did the work…

In this video you’ll see why massive action does little good short term and damage to our self-esteem long term…. (follow the link to the first launch video)

Look, we’ve all been invited to “view” some cool videos only to find out there is some $2000 price (or more) at the end. That is not the case here, no financial decision to make. This is all done with “pay-it-forward” full scholarships. Our class last year paid for your scholarship opportunity.


What does that mean?

It means this 6 month course is not for sale, at any price.

You get the course via scholarship or you don’t. View the videos and apply.  That’s all there is to it.
Here’s why I’m telling you this right now…I want you to relax and really view the content in the video…and be able to make a decision to commit with finances not a factor.

So relax, check it out…the scholarship process takes a few days, plenty of time to “evaluate” and “decide” you want to learn how to actually create change in your life effortlessly.

I did the course last year and have found so much in me that I had before struggled to be.  The discipline required is significant, it’s not all exciting, it will be easier to not do the course … but these are the sort of phrases that keep us avoiding doing what is required …. why am I sharing this?

Because if you can’t recognise that most people let subconscious decisions and ego validation allow us to miss the opportunity to win in life; you won’t step up now and look after yourself and your family.

Things don’t get easier, we need to get better at it!!

Go through the process of learning about the MKMMA class and what is involved. If you are ready you’ll then apply for a scholarship.  Hope to see you in the class.
In the Spirit of Happiness, Wellness and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick
PS…yeah, the “effortlessly” thing…no, it’s not magic or anything
like that…I see that crap all the time too.   The course will challenge
you, it’s not easy…but once you “get” the Master Key…and we drill
on it for several months ….change THEN becomes effortless :-)


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2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Opened Today!!

  1. Annmarrie Blount

    Everything I am reading & hearing is nothing like all the failed crash coarses I have done. Very interested in this journey.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Better believe it Annmarie! There is Nothing Like It out there and it is largely because the people running it have targeted helping thousands of people each year to become the hero in their own life, rather than how much money they will make in the process. It is all about the success of the members each year.


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